Workshop Duration

  • 3-5 hrs.*

Group Size

  • 12-25 participants*

Participant Profile

  • Managers
  • Facilitators
  • Trainers
  • Sales agents
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Meeting organizers

Workshop Materials

  • IQNet Research Report*
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Activities Packet
  • Tools and Techniques Packet
  • Evaluation Report*

Read Body Language and Reengage


The purpose of Read Body Language and Reengage is to provide participants with tools and techniques to read body language and reengage participants. Research shows that people are more likely to support initiatives when they are fully engaged in the process. The quality of solutions and decisions produced during meetings are highly impacted by the contributions of the participants. The ability to recognize the various body languages and reengage participants is essential to achieve company objectives successfully.

The problems that emerge when participants are disengaged results in poor quality results. Disengaged participants get bored, lose interest, and resort to engage in counterproductive behavior. Research clearly indicates that disengaged participants:

1 Lack commitment and buy-in
2 Obtain partial understanding of proposed initiatives
3 Feel frustrated with the process
4 Resist assuming responsibilities

The program engages participants in a stimulating learning process to:

1 Understand the three main components of communications
2 Explore your communication style
3 Evaluate how your style impacts the message
4 Recognize various body language
5 Acquire proven tools and techniques to reengage participants