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I’ve developed a unique methodology to 1-on-1 coaching, FACE-IT™.  It is a powerful process that helps you discover your authentic-self. The discovery of the “real you” will help you gain trust and confidence in yourself to make the right decisions for you to make progress.

Face the Problem

Face the problem is the first step that coachee explores the root of the issue by analyzing the BASE™: Belief, Action, Style, Emotion.

BASE™ is a method developed by Lea Wolf-Soffer to discover and solve the coachee’s challenge:

  • What is the coachee’s belief system around the issue?
  •  What actions does the coachee take before and after the issue is triggered?
  •  What is the coachee’s style of communications around the issue?
  •  What is the emotion that drives the coachee?

In essence FACE-IT™ is about confronting the issue from inside-out.

Assess Solutions

In this step, the coachee and coach work together to brainstorm various solutions, and assess the risks and rewards associated with each solution. The coachee selects a solution that best fits his/her strengths, weaknesses, timing, and resources to be able to implement it successfully.

Construct Personalized Action Plan

Coach and coachee work together to construct a written action plan. No plan is successful without recording and tracking it.

Equip with Tools and Techniques

Once the action plan is constructed, coach and coachee work together to develop practical tools and technique to help coachee to adopt and apply the new BASE™.

Integrate Resources and Support

No action plan is successful without a support system and resources. The coach provides the coachee with a comprehensive support system and access to resources to apply tools and techniques with ease.

Test it! Tweak it!

Coachee applies the tools and techniques by practicing and testing them in a safe environment.  Based on the pilot test run results, coach and coachee work together to tweak tools and techniques to achieve sustainable results.

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